About Jayne:

Owner and operator of Happy Smiles Dental Hygiene , Jayne Beaumont, graduated from the Liverpool Dental University Hospital UK in 2003.

Following graduation, Jayne worked as a self employed dental Hygienist at a number of Dental Offices in Lancashire , England.

In 2006 Jayne moved to Nova Scotia after first completing a Dental Hygiene course at Dalhousie University and has worked at a busy Dental office before opening her business in 2012.

Licensing information:

Legislation passed in 2012 now allows Dental Hygienists to practice without a dentist and open their own clinics.

Dental Hygienists are unable to diagnose dental issues and it is advised to see a dentist at least every year for a dental exam.

Jayne completed the self- initiation course in 2009 allowing her to self-initiate in her profession and soon began to work independently at a large residential home in Halifax on a part time basis and has continued to work there since and also at other residential homes providing mobile services.

In April 2011 Jayne further added to her qualifications by completing the local anesthetic course which was just approved for hygienists in Nova Scotia in 2011. Jayne has already been trained in local anesthetic in the UK.

This allows administration of local anesthetic if needed for cleanings.

Jayne is a member of the CDHA (Canadian Dental Hygienists Association) http://www.cdha.ca/

and the CDHNS(College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia) http://www.cdhns.ca/

Training and regulations:

Jayne also attends annual CPR training and first aid training  that is recognized by the CDHNS and undertakes regular Continuing Education  courses which is a requirement of the CDHNS and CDHA.

All equipment and hazardous substances complies with the Health and Safety Standards and WHIMIS training has been completed.

All information is confidential and shall not be shared with any other person or establishment without the patients consent.

Instruments are sterilized at the requirements of Health and Safety standards using steam sterilization and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath prior and packed in sealed pouches for sterilization.

Spore testing is also done on a regular basis to ensure the efficiency of the sterilizer.

Radiation equipment has been checked and meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Act and the Radiation Protection act.

Lead aprons are provided during radiographic procedures which includes thyroid coverage.

Happy Smiles Dental Hygiene meets all the requirements of the Health and Safety Act.