The services provided are that of a registered Dental Hygienist in Nova Scotia.

  • Periodontal assessment on all new patients and returning
  • Scaling and polishing
  • Fluoride application
  • Desensitizing treatments
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Custom made whitening trays
  • In- office whitening
  • Custom made mouth guard

Scaling : Scaling is the removal of tartar deposits from above and below the gum. Ultrasonic and hand scaling are available. The use of an anesthetic gel can be administered between the tooth and gum for comfort  giving 20 minutes  of working time.

Scaling is billed in units of time, each of 15mins. The amount of scaling is determined by individual needs.

Stain Removal: This involves polishing the teeth with a fine or course polishing paste to remove surface stains. Some stains cannot be removed and are within the tooth enamel. Whitening can often remove these stains.

Fluoride: Fluoride treatments can be given either by use of a foam or gel application in trays, a rinse or an application with a varnish for specific areas of the mouth.

Fluoride helps with the prevention of tooth decay and helps with sensitivity, and can remineralize areas of demineralization (weak enamel).

X- Rays: x rays can be taken to diagnose for dental hygiene purposes only and are an important part of assessing your bone levels, periodontal disease and tartar deposits.

Suspicious areas of concern can be noted and a copy can be given to you for your dentist to prevent retakes.

Sealants: Sealants can be placed on either adults or children who have deep pits in their teeth as a preventative measure. A coating is placed in the pits of the teeth and set with a curing light. This leaves a smooth surface preventing bacteria from entering and makes cleaning easier. This treatment is totally pain free.

Teeth whitening trays: Custom made trays can be made to fit your mouth at the cost of $200. This involves impressions being taken of your teeth and a trays made to fit over your teeth. Whitening syringes are then used at home over 10-14 days for 45 minutes at a time. An assessment is required prior to any whitening treatment. A cleaning is also recommended at least 3 months prior to remove surface stains.

This method can last up to 2 years depending on the individual and lifestyle.

A top up is recommended every 6 months for maintenance with just 1 or 2 syringes needed. Free syringe give if you commit to 6 month cleanings.

Teeth whitening should only be performed by a qualified dental professional.

In Office teeth whitening: Teeth whitening can be performed in the office in one appointment. This involves a gel being placed on the teeth for 60 minutes and a blue light is placed in front of the teeth. Relax and watch a movie while whitening. Results last 2 to 3 months.

Assessment required prior. $99

Custom sports guards: Professional made sports guards can be made to ensure a more thorough fit than those bought in the stores. Impressions are taken and guards are available in a wide range of colours from $45.

Mobile Services: Home visits can be arranged if you are unable to get to the office, portable equipment is used and the same quality of service is delivered whether it be your home or nursing home.

Tooth gems: Swarovski tooth crystals are available in many colours, the crystal is attached to the tooth with a dental bond and can last months or years. No damage is done to the tooth and can be easily removed. Free with cleanings or whitening's or $25 alone without other treatments.

Oraquix anesthetic gel: An anesthetic gel can be applied between the tooth and gum for added comfort during scaling. This gives 20 minutes of working time and you will leave the office without feeling any numbness. This is pain free and applied with a blunt applicator.

Anesthetic: Local Anesthetic can be administered if needed if your teeth and gums are very sensitive. A signed document is needed prior from a dentist or medical doctor.


Paraffin hand wax free with all services: Great for those dry hands, relax whilst having your cleaning and feel the warmth of the paraffin. Hands will be silky smooth afterwards.

  • Cancer screening on all patients
  • Sealants
  • Denture cleaning
  • Needle free anesthetic
  • Oral anesthetic with the consent of a dentist or medical doctor
  • Swarovzski tooth gems free with cleanings
  • X Rays (a duplicate can be given to you for your dental office)